AMP up your business with on-demand advertising, marketing and production services. The creative power you need, when you need it, where you need it, for only as long as you need it.

It’s the power to make things happen.

Brand Transformation
Is your brand connecting with your customers at all the right contact points?

The Amp Group transforms your brand into advertising that's relevant and motivating, with a strong, clear, clean signal. We'll build your brand and drive your sales by giving you higher amperage brand strategies that cut resistance.

And that's just the beginning. We make the connection between your outside marketing voice and the experiential voice that comes from your stores, events and customer environment. Generating a brand experience that becomes a powerful driver for brand loyalty.

Throw the switch and let the Amp Group energize your brand's complete customer experience.

Creative Services
Powered by AMP. No glitz. No tinsel. Just powerful creative energy.

Concepts. Writing. Art direction. Complete creative projects from brand strategy to finished product. Use AMP to augment your creative staff, for special projects, overload work, or as a complete creative powerhouse you can turn on whenever your brand needs a jolt.

High power without high cost. Complete creative packages from concept through completion.

We do our own production, so we streamline your project from start to finish. No hidden costs. No wasted time or energy. You always deal with the same people and you always know who's in charge.

We use our power to keep your costs down, giving you the most for your investment. AMP production is based in Florida, a right to work state where we shoot year around with one of America’s largest professional talent pools. We work union and non-union. And negotiate one-time talent payments, so you pay for only what you need.

Multimedia Imaging
Electrifying images for the eye. Rich cinematic depth and vivid colors. Brilliant motion and product focused action. The powerful dynamics of big screen production without the cost.

All AMP broadcast and interactive production is shot in digital High Definition for the clearest, most brilliant visuals available. No more flat, washed out video. No more sacrificing the look you want to meet the budget you have. We closely control every project from pre-production through editing to give you every edge the medium has to offer. If you believe first class production is out of your reach, you haven't worked with AMP.

Radio Production
Energy for the ears. From engaging drama to the brilliant comedy of nationally known talent like Thom Sharpe and Victoria Jackson, AMP brings new power to the most visionary medium.

From our production center we generate high impact spots with talent from across the country. Using cutting edge computer and communications technology, we can bring anyone's voice to our virtual studio. So you get the sound you want, without the cost.

Digital Signage
Light up your aisles with dynamic digital messages. After all, 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store, so your message should be there powerfully at the moment of choice. AMP knows just the right balance of brand, promotion and length of message to close the deal.

We’re pros at re-purposing content from your other media vehicles into this emerging and motivating delivery channel, saving you time and money.

Interactive and New Media
Putting energy into interactive. We translate your brand into powerful laptop or web site presentations without losing a watt.

We can work within your existing architecture. Recharge your virtual image. Or create a whole new look that brings new power to new media. We bring the same vision and electricity that energizes all our work to your non-traditional communications. Let AMP entertain, enlighten and electrify your target audiences